Thursday, 25 June 2015

How an E-reader can help you ACE the GAMSAT

I was never a huge peruser until I began contemplating for the GAMSAT and needed to read various writings. There is no official GAMSAT reading list, however the most vital ones are found in The GAMSAT Bible.

I purchased an Amazon Kindle so I could download all the proposed writings (two of them can be found here) and have them on one gadget that I could bring with me anyplace. I read on the train, in the car (as a traveler obviously) and essentially anyplace I had the chance.

At the point when buying an Amazon Kindle I would propose the "PaperWhite" variant, which has a backdrop illumination and is touchscreen.

I discovered the Kindle to be extremely helpful concerning the inbuilt word referencer and the "highlight" device.

With the inbuilt word reference I had the capacity to highlight any troublesome words with the touch of a finger to demonstrate their particular definitions. This was a precious device for learning new words and understanding  troublesome texts.

Utilizing the inbuilt highlight device I had the capacity highlight the essential data in the books and after that download them into a word report for later survey. This spared time when it came to re-perusing any recommended writings.

So in the event that you truly need to make life simpler when examining for the GAMSAT you ought to truly look at purchasing an E-book reader. My recommendation is to run with a Kindle (easy to utilize + simple access to amazon store), yet look around and research before settling on any choice.

Enjoy :)


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